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About Us

Oh, hey there! We’re the team behind the brand Anzen™, and here’s our story.

We’re just a bunch of close friends who share a common frustration – neck pains. We never thought we would end up creating a company. In the beginning, we collectively decided to make a solution to our frustrations. Making soothing ointment was one of our first ideas, but we ended up deciding on creating a top-of-the-line neck massager. 

So for the next 1 and a half years of research & development, sourcing for the right technology, canvassing for materials, testing it, and refining the product – we finally did it. We’ve created a neck massager that uses TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy and thermotherapy that delivers effective and fast neck pain relief. 

As a team, we’re very proud of what we have accomplished. We are convinced that Anzen™ Intelligent Neck Massager will deliver what we promised, that it’s easy to use, portable and lightweight, instantly relieves neck pains, and soothes sore neck muscles. We will keep on designing more relevant products that will make your lives much easier.